Fulfilled Woman

From the beginning, God had a vision for women (Genesis 2: 18-24). But in the course of history societies have distorted this vision for women and usurped the position God accorded to women. From time past women have always labored under the many different roles and expectations society requires of them; which still continues till today.

Living by the societal expectations or any other person’s is difficult. This, women have tried to do without success. When women want to become many things to many people, they end up being nothing to anyone because they have no understanding of what their essence and role are. Therefore it is important that women know their primary responsibility and accountability.

Fulfilled Woman (FW) is a program aimed at equipping women wholistically, finding solutions to diverse cross-cutting issues that affect women and the family, and involving women in current and thematic affairs. FW’s intent is capturing women’s active engagement in the world around them. Given the central role of women as pillars of the family and society, charged with the task of raising generations, being custodians of moral standards and challenging stereotypes; it is therefore imperative to encourage and rally women as change agents in society, so they may implement the knowledge acquired.

Fulfilled Woman (FW) is as a result of the high demand from women for a platform where they can express concerns on social and current issues, get direction, consensus and propose actions. Cutting across all cultures, it is recognized that;

  • Women have an important role in society.
  • They have an active role in raising the next generation.
  • They need to have that balance between home, work and personal time

The objective of the program is;

  • To provide a platform for women to better understand and appropriate their relevance and role in shaping societal norms.
  • To create a personal moment of realisation and worth which helps to reshape perspective and approach to life.

When a woman understands who she is, especially from a biblical standpoint, she is then able to confidently assume her rightful position in her home, family and society. She would not require worldly affirmations and benchmarks. That is not to discredit these achievements.

Knowledge enables and produces change.

Footnote: In the biblical days, as we see from Proverbs 31, women worked. they did this not because the men were not providers but because it was a way to make an income of their own and supplement the family budget. Today’s woman is a working woman opting to supplement the family income either through employment or business. However, there is need to maintain a home/life balance. To do this, a women needs to know her priority, is it the home or is it work. answering this questions sets the tone for the balance.