I came across an article on ‘The role of ego in intimacy’ in the health column of one of the national dailies. I read with some skepticism yet giving it serious consideration. The writer maintained that ‘a woman demeaning and undermining her husband, kills his ego, which in turn kills his erection, which ‘dies forever’’ since ego and intimacy are linked. That when a man feels good about himself, other things will feel good and
A couple have been arguing; their preferences and personalities are at odds. He likes to go out with friends, drink and watch sports while she prefers to stay close to home, prefers soaps operas to sports and is a teetotaller. He speaks carelessly, she measures her words, he’s not affectionate, and she is demonstrative and romantic. Enough time was not spent on getting to know each other better. The sexual chemistry was there, and that
Rejection in marriage. These days, it seems we have heard everything about the state of marriages. The goings on within continues to perplex everyone. The domestic violence, emotional abuse and torment, the killings, infidelity, manipulations, neglect, isolation, sabotage, suicides, rejection, loneliness, celibacy (sexless marriage). These evils are happening and commonly!  When the marriage ends acrimoniously, as it now often does what to do? Do we just move on? When the one who said “I do,
In these times of intrigues and wickedness, where anything goes, in fact the more outrageous, the more sinful and corrupted, the better and more applauded. As if seeing the world today, Ecc. 10:6 says, “folly (madness, foolishness, immoral, recklessness), is set in high places…” In other words, those who are destitute of merit and scruples are the ones in charge. Chaos and degeneration are the order of the day! 2 Cor.10:4 reminds us that “though
Often times we are quite ignorant of the spirit at work in us. Even as believers, we do things that we sometimes can’t understand why. we are not mindful of what is going on within us, though we are reminded that ‘we do not wrestle with flesh and blood (humans) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places’ Eph. 6:12. So that
Imagine a little girl struggling to tie her shoe lace, the more she tries, the more tangled the laces become. She becomes upset, then she starts to cry. Her Mother says ‘let me help you’,but she refuses. In the end, after her efforts are spent, she comes to her Mum and ask for help. She receives the help, but ask ‘why couldn’t I do it myself?’. Mum replies, because you have not yet learnt how
As a family man, the head of the household, the Christian man must understand who he is in Christ. Having confessed Christ as Lord and saviour, submitted to God’s stewardship over his life, fully committed to the word and will of God. He must manifest these traits publicly. We are not Christians because we say so but by our actions. Christianity is a way of life, a lifestyle that requires deliberate discipline and self-control; the
Recently, I witnessed a tense interaction between a middle-aged couples, both were clearly constrained to talk to each other. The man appeared physically pained to ‘talking’ to his wife and the wife was clearly not interested in giving him audience. From the way the interaction or lack of it unfolded it was clear that if they could help it, they would avoid each other. Their disgust and dislike for each other was mutual and evident.
My interest was aroused sometime ago when I began noticing black children in care of white parents here in Nairobi. You see these children, dusty looking and unkempt in the company of suspicious looking adults which leaves one wondering, how is this in the best interest of the child? Have you ever seen a white child with black adoptive parents? Or a white child with a Chinese family, or Indian or any other ethnicity? Does
It is all too common these days, alarming news of domestic violence with fatal consequences. A man kills his wife, or maims her in a horrific manner, worse wipes out the whole family, kills the wife, the children and himself. The desperation in acts of domestic violence has shot through, such that it is no longer comprehensible what is going on. For minor matters as ‘the dinner was late, or burnt’ a woman can lose