In these times of intrigues and wickedness, where anything goes, in fact the more outrageous, the more sinful and corrupted, the better and more applauded. As if seeing the world today, Ecc. 10:6 says, “folly (madness, foolishness, immoral, recklessness), is set in high places…” In other words, those who are destitute of merit and scruples are the ones in charge. Chaos and degeneration are the order of the day!

2 Cor.10:4 reminds us that “though we live in this world, we’re not of the world neither are our weapons of this word”. Therefore, believers are set apart to manifest the godliness of Christ. This must be especially so for the Christian man, in all manner of his lifestyle and conversation.

A Christian is one who has confessed Christ as his Lord and Saviour. One who submits to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over his life and is fully committed to the word and will of God. He cannot be a Christian just because he says so, but by his action. Christianity is a way of life, a lifestyle that requires discipline (restraint), commitment to observing and doing uprightness. Jesus Christ remains the Christian example in all things.  We cannot claim to be Christians and not manifest Christlikeness.

Our men, Christian men (fathers, husbands, brothers, and uncles) in particular, will do well to go back to spiritual basics in order to reposition themselves aright. The reality of our families, homes, marriages, relationships reveals a serious departure from godliness. Our men (and the family) will benefit greatly if only they will embrace their spirituality and spiritual discipline.

Discipline is self-control, restraint, a vital requirement in living the Christian life. For the man (and woman) these examples of discipline will go a long way in experiencing a positive life.

  1. Discipline of Purity.

Infidelity, bondage to libido, is not sexual freedom, when you are controlled by your lust and immorality; you destroy not only your walk with God, but also your family, your testimony and integrity.  Purity of thoughts, desire and action are critical essentials before God. (1 Thess.4:3-8, Job 31:1)  The fall of King David should teach on how to behave, 2 Sam 11 1-27; flee all appearance of evil, 1 Thess.5:22

  1. Discipline of Relationship.

The absolute importance of cultivating a personal relationship with God cannot be overstated. To be all that God calls you to be, maintaining your relationship is vital. When your relationship with God is alive and progressive, it will have a positive spin off on your other relationships.

  1. Discipline of the Mind.

Phil 2:5, tells us to let this mind (attitude) of Christ be in you. The mind of humility and sincerity, of pleasing God and doing His will. The potential of possessing the mind of Christ is the scandal of todays’ church, for if it did, much of what is going on in the church would not happen.

  1. Discipline of Devotion.

It is important to fill yourself with God’s word, not just reading the bible but meditating on it to do what it says, “be ye doers of the word”, Jam1:22 .

  1. Discipline of Integrity.

This cannot be overstated especially in our ethical conduct. In the ‘old days’ a man’s word was his bond. ‘A good name is better than riches’

  1. Discipline of the Tongue.

We all know what havoc the tongue can cause, so if you know that your tongue has a problem such that your talk is filthy, abusive, even in the presence of your children, that you language makes you a disciple of the devil, insulting your spouse with hurtful and dismissive words, then you don’t know who you are. It is important, especially how we talk at home.

  1. Discipline of Work.

Some men have an aversion to work preferring to live off others. God commands man to work.  So regardless of economic and societal challenges, a man ought to find work. It is very important not only for your self-worth, to do something to glorify God. Do not become a child to your wife. No work, No eat!

  1. Discipline of Perseverance.

Without perseverance, one can hardly achieve anything. For the families, homes, relationship and personal endeavours to stand you must be focused and determined. Patience is a virtue, a fruit of the Holy Spirit; it is necessary.

  1. Discipline of Truth.

As the head of your household, as a father, a husband, a man; truthfulness has to become you. Learn to speak the truth; it is the only way to teach your children. Its leadership by example for children copy what they see.

  1. Discipline of Love.

Love is everything. Not as the world loves, which is fleeting and passing away but as God loves. Unconditionally (1 Cor. 13:1-8). Love your wife, your children, family, for charity (love) begins at home. If you are a tyrant, unloving to your family but kind and considerate outside you are a hypocrite. Manifesting the traits of Christ is a life journey. It is never too late to start, now is the time.

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