It is all too common these days, alarming news of domestic violence with fatal consequences. A man kills his wife, or maims her in a horrific manner, worse wipes out the whole family, kills the wife, the children and himself. The desperation in acts of domestic violence has shot through, such that it is no longer comprehensible what is going on. For minor matters as ‘the dinner was late, or burnt’ a woman can lose her life. Infidelity, text messages or illicit phone calls can result in murder.
What is going on in our families, how did we get to this godless and desperate state. society is in moral decline, every arm of society is at a loss in explaining these evil trends. We blame social media, the church, the police, government but not ourselves the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

when we excuse ourselves of morale responsibility, accountability and point the finger at the church for failing to instil the fear of God in the people. No matter the blame game, we all know or should know right from wrong. neither the church or social media should be the fall guy.
Until we begin to examine ourselves and take responsibility for our actions, these wickedness will continue. There have been instances where misguided zealots and fake prophets alike have committed atrocities in the name of God. And the question comes to mind “How do these things happen, how does one surrender control of their life to another? What do we believe these days, what guides us? what is the role of the church in our fast altering society. When we become our own god, getting out of control, who can restrain the madness.
In this era of ‘domestic terrorism’ who is safe? no one! the home has become the offensive battle ground. Children, minors are at the mercy of Fathers and male relative, teachers, officials, etc who defile girls (and boys) at will; even impregnating them with hardly any consequence. wives are at the mercy of out of control tyrannical husbands who have no qualms to turning their wives in to punching bags or sending them to early graves. some husbands also suffer at the hands of the wives.So many baffling questions, but it all comes down to being responsible for your actions.

There was a time when it wasn’t like this, For example, then, terrorism was associated with the Middle East, the church was recognized as the beacon of light, hope and moral standard, home was the safe haven; but not anymore. Then there were levels of decency and standards for acceptable behaviour.

Today, many lack that inner strength, faith and conviction that keeps one moving forward. We see a lot of hopelessness and desperation among both youths and adults alike. we are often not prepared for adulthood and the stress of life. We are easily overwhelmed, without foresight and action plan. Resigned to fate, many lash out when the going gets tough or look for an easy way out by destroying the family and end life; rather than seek redress to their issues.
in the mean time, our families need rescuing, when we refuse to take charge of our homes and families, then something more ominous will. that is what we see happening. Even our Christian life is shallow and unfulfilled. we’ve effectively thrust God out of our lives and homes, still we blame the church. When God is no longer in the equation, chaos is the result. Nature abhors vacuum, if our lives, homes and society doesn’t have God at its helm the another spirit will take charge as it is today.

Our desire for everything instant, have taken its toll on our lives and relationship, laziness is a symptom of today; not many are willing to ‘work at it’ we want quick fix answers. The attitude of instant gratification, instant miracle, and instant breakthrough, instant prosperity, instant marriage, instant divorce have become the hallmark of our time, permeating every area of life. We want to get rich now, we want marriage now, children now. Without taking time to prepare neither are we ready to seek and wait on God for direction and guidance. Rather, through manipulations and deceit, we look for options, and alternatives, ending up in more trouble.
Our families can work, if only we can work at it, investing self, time, resources in to it and letting God have his way.

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