Epiphany Consult Kenya

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Though we live in a society of shifting norms and values which can be perplexing, navigating these challenges to find workable and practical solutions can be overwhelming. Therefore we need help to deal with the myriad of issues confronting the family.

Epiphany Consult Kenya (ECK), an organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was established with a focus on the family, addressing issues affecting the family, i.e. relationships, marriage protocols and procedures, marital concerns, teenage issues and many more. We have a mission which is to realign the lives of people and impact them positively according to God’s word.

At ECK we believe we don’t have to live dysfunctional lives, we can reclaim our families from distress and stereotypes to live a wholesome lives. This we do from the standpoint that we need a true and balanced knowledge of God in our lives, to help us attain a meaningful life. In our fast paced society of instant gratifications and its adverse effects on relationships and self-worth, we work to restore Godly order in fragmented personal and relationship situations. A key focus is the strengthening of a harmonious functional capacity of the family unit to ensure its holistic wellbeing.



Family Mitigation

In recognition of the increasing crisis and high levels of distress in the family unit ECK works together with the family to mitigate these challenges, restoring and setting in order embittered lives and relationships.

In these sessions, we work with individuals, families and couples to assist those at life crossroads, facing critical and challenging life altering issues to bring resolution, healing and renewal. We offer a confidential platform for expressing concerns and addressing apprehensions by working together to bring clarity and new perspective to the issues.

The Family Mitigation enables productive co-operation to achieve workable and practical redress, which contributes to family restoration.

Youth for Corporate

In recognition of the increasing rate of professional and technical advancement and requirements, it is evident that new graduates are disadvantaged as they lack professional readiness required for the workplace. Also those in employment require ongoing development and capacity training in order to remain relevant in the work force.

The objective of this service is to equip and prepare young adults for the workplace; in conjunction with a biblical approach which will help a Christian professional to stand out in the corporate workplace.

We do this through training on corporate requirements, etiquette, effective communication and ethos. We also assist those already in the corporate world on how to become more competitive in the workplace.

Singles Forum

This is about equipping and enabling single men and women with correct information and etiquette on dating. A singles forum where ladies; whether in relationships on not, come to together and get to know from a biblical perspective, how to conduct themselves during courtship and what to expect in marriage. Conversations on concepts of unequally yoked to claiming our self-worth as women of God.

Teens Forum

Our aim is to help address the besetting issues that plagues teenagers and to realign the lives of teenagers and impact them positively helping them achieve their potential. The program runs on school holidays and weekends. They include workshop,seminars and activities.

Married Closed Forum

This forum provides married couples a closed space to express their concerns within their relationship and get an understanding on how to approach and deal with these issues in a way that speaks to the individual need and encourages empathy.

Pre-Marital Package

Marriage is the backbone of the family and society, we therefore need full and comprehensive understanding of what it requires. This is why Pre-Marital package is an essential. It addresses marriage from a well-rounded perspective; from courtship, introduction , dowry planning and Pre and postmarital counselling.

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